Kindergarten is busy, busy, busy learning how to teach others about topics they know all about. In writing workshop we've channeled our passions and areas of expertise into writing books that teach. Our reading workshop unit is a perfect compliment to the writing unit as we are reading books by famous authors who are teaching the world all about topics in which they are experts. The books we are reading demonstrate effective ways to use non-fiction text features to capture meaning through illustrations. For the children, their ability to understand why these features are being used and how to use them has elevated their writing.

In math, we have been strengthening our understanding of numbers and how they work in a variety of ways.  We have been composing and decomposing numbers.  An important aspect of learning about numbers to 10 is to understand how to compose and decompose these numbers.   We have been working on the "tricky" teens and understanding place value, comparing numbers and identifying whether objects are greater than, less than or equal. We have also been having fun identifying shapes as 2 dimensional or 3 dimensional and finding these shapes in our environment.   

Our Neighborhood Study is a year-long study of our classroom, school, and neighborhood community. This cross curricular unit begins with a discussion of different homes and where we live. We replicated our homes using a variety of materials and displayed them in our classrooms. Each Kindergarten class then adopted a tree in the neighborhood to research and write about. Then we added 3-dimentional trees to our classroom display. After a discussion about, and research on, transportation in and around our community, we also made vehicles to put in the display. In addition, we researched, sketched, labeled, and learned all about the trout and bearded dragon in our school community. 

Kindergarten is a wonderful time to make new friendships and grow in leaps and bounds as a learner.

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