2nd Grade

Writing: We have launched our Nonfiction writing unit! Before we begin to write, it is very important to discuss what nonfiction is and what a nonfiction text usually includes. The children have spent the past week planning and thinking about topics they know a lot about. We have discussed what topics are appropriate and how to organize our writing. 

Reading: In Reading, we have been studying characters. We learned that some of the ways readers understand characters are by: looking at characters traits, paying attention to how the character changes throughout the book, noticing how the character reacts in certain situations, noticing what the characters wants, and looking closely at what problem the character is facing.  

Math: In math, we have been working on measuring length. The children had a chance to explore length by working with different tools such as rulers, meter sticks, and measuring tapes. We have been learning how to estimate lengths and compare the lengths of different objects. Many activities are done in partnership, and the children were given the proper tools to explore hands on.

Science: Through hands on activities and investigative activities, the children have been learning about how light travels, where light comes from, what happens to light that causes a rainbow, the color spectrum, and what a shadow is! 

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